Sunday, February 6, 2011

well, we really have done much posting :O/  sorry about that folks
our son is home with us this semester, so hopefully as we create, he can help us to upload things!
i have a chipboard birdcage album to share, some 'once upon a springtime' g45 cards as well as some 'gentleman' cards...
we hope to have some steampunk jewelry up by next weekend!
AND!!!  i am doing a 'boardwalk g45' album that will be up for sale!  the front and back covers are from an antique album from the 1940's!!!  lots of lace! embellishments! photomats and so on.  i am really quite excited about getting this one altogether! :O)
i did work on and complete danny's first highland games pages in an 8x8 album using dcvw 'once upon a time' !  :O)  bo bunny camelot will be used on the next set of 'games' pages!
so although we have been neglecting the blog! :O(   we have been busy
thanx for stopping by!

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